• Company mission

    We produce amber, satisfying the need for ``solar stones`` for countries in different parts of the world

  • Vision

    Ukrainian amber is the most valuable in the world. We help all our partners and customers to make sure of this

  • Value

    We are a socially responsible business. We take care of nature, plant forests on the used territories, conscientiously pay taxes, and create good conditions for our workers

LLC “Sun Craft”

TM AmberTrade is a registered trademark of LLC “Sun Craft”, the largest private enterprise in Ukraine engaged in the industrial extraction of “solar stones” – amber.

Mining Technology

    • Site preparation: cleaning of trees, bushes and roots.
    • Construction of mining and technical facilities: hydraulic dumps, canals for water accumulation.
    • Removal and transfer of overburden, their warehousing and storage.
    • Development of amber-bearing rock at a mobile washing complex by means of hydraulic action.
    • Pumping of waste raw materials (pulp) into hydraulic dumps and previously worked out areas of the open pit with simultaneous technical reclamation.
    • Formation of optimal in shape / structure of stable hydraulic dumps and worked-out areas by rational washing with waste raw materials (pulp).
    • Drainage of dumps, planning and leveling of the relief of the worked-out area using special equipment.
    • Reclamation of the abandoned place.