“Sun Craft” LLC has attracted a foreign investor to the project

ТОВ "Сонячне ремесло" (ТМ AmberTrade)

“Sun Craft” LLC (AmberTrade TM) has attracted a foreign investor, a Chinese entrepreneur, to develop the Tomashgorod field in Rivne region. He became one of the few foreign direct investors in Ukraine during the war.

I personally consider it a real victory that an entrepreneur from the other side of the world trusted us and is ready to share with us all the challenges and risks of this difficult period,” said Igor Mazepa, one of the shareholders of Solar Craft LLC, an investment banker.

The Ukrainian businessman also emphasized the company’s responsibility to local communities.

Our previous production experience implies responsibility to local communities, which means not only mining but also reclamation of waste land. Instead of apocalyptic Martian landscapes, the company leaves a new living forest after mining” Mazepa emphasized.

A shareholder of Solar Craft LLC stated that attracting foreign investors and a responsible attitude to recycling breaks the habit of the business model for black miners. However, all market participants are currently interested in maximizing the legalization of the industry, in particular to counteract the main competitors – the Russian Federation (their share in the global market is 80-90% of supply volumes).

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