The company joined the Ostroh Academy project

This October, the National University of Ostroh Academy in Rivne region celebrated its 447th birthday and 29th anniversary of its revival.

On the occasion of the University Day, the Academy held a charity event to help children in the village of Staryi Saltiv in Kharkiv region, which had been under Russian occupation for some time.

Among other things, the fair “Light Up the Hearts of Children!” was held, where students presented their artistic works, sold goodies and souvenirs with university symbols, and demonstrated their talents. A number of charity auctions were also held.

“We realize that this holiday could have been more dynamic, cheerful and happy today, but we understand that our soldiers are now defending us in this terrible bloody war and giving the most precious thing they have – their lives. Those who are alive must live and work hard to provide material and moral support for our defenders, and Ostroh Academy is doing a good job of that,” said the Rector of the university, Ihor Pasichnyk.

It is worth noting that AmberTrade was among the philanthropists who joined the initiative and donated funds to help the children.

Vitaliy Koval, head of the Rivne Regional Military Administration, was one of the initiators of the Razom project to help children. A year ago, he said that the region had chosen two cities – Rivne and Ostroh – to support residents of the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region with humanitarian aid. In particular, Rivne will take care of Vovchansk, and Ostroh will take care of Staryi Saltov.

“The university community has an important task in promoting good deeds and supporting those who need it… We thank everyone who joined us and made this day special. We wish you boundless faith in your strength, inexhaustible inspiration and bright achievements on your way,” the University of Ostroh Academy said.

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